We are almost ready for the bottling of our new Senz’Altro wine, organic IGT Toscana Rosso without sulphites.
The bottle we have chosen for this wine is Wild Glass, a movement whose identifying traits are the cause and consequence of sustainable, efficient and honest production. Wild Glass uses up to 100% recycled glass in the manufacturing process and accommodates the defect by inserting it into a unique design language that results in a new and exclusive range of glass colors.
The cork, on the other hand, is the Reserva line, an innovative closure of excellence and the strong point of Nomacorc Green Line, which allows the refinement of fine wines and offers visual and sensory characteristics equivalent to high quality natural cork.
Thanks to our PlantCorc technology based on plant-based, renewable and sustainable raw materials derived from sugar cane and the high resolution printing capacity, Reserva ensures optimal performance, design and sustainability for fine wines with the highest quality level intended for long periods of aging.
This revolutionary product is, at the same time, a closure that eliminates the carbon footprint.
A sustainable packaging for a natural wine, an expression of our territory but above all of our philosophy.
Ready starting July 10 …