A dream comes true…


The opening of the oil mill in the 2005 marked a definitive turn towards product excellence, thanks to innovative and experimental machineries and mainly monocultivar production.

The olive harvest is at the right moment of ripeness and the processing takes place in the shortest possible time (max 4 hours from the harvest). The crushing takes place in controlled conditions, the possibility of change some parameters on the crusher allows us to quickly obtain the desired result regardless of the different types and state of ripeness of the olives processed.

The extraction takes place after a quick passage in a vertical gramola, the olive paste is not in contact with the air and it preserved it from oxidation. We can also control the temperature to avoid the overheating and have the perfect temperature for the separation phase. The final step takes place in the decanter, a mechanical separator that separates the solid and liquid parts with a centrifugal force effect, our special decanter allows us to work without the addition of external water which would affect the final quality of the product. At the end the oil is filtered in the paper filter.

The resulting oils, in addition to having very interesting chemical analyzes (polyphenols and tocopherols far above average), have been recognized with prizes and awards on the most important dedicated events.

The product is then stored in stainless steel tanks under inert gas, in a thermoregulated environment.

The milling at Torre Bianca