“…for me the best way to communicate the oil is to have it tasted, allowing the consumer to perceive the organoleptic differences directly by trying and educating the palate on quality extra virgin olive oil. It is the truest and most effective way I know”.

Fabiola Pulieri, food and wine journalist, lawyer and TV presenter. Oil and communication expert, author of: Oleoturismo. Opportunità per imprese e territori.


With the approval of the 2020 Budget Law, oil tourism – or oleotourism – enters the Italian legislative framework and is thus equated with wine tourism.

We at Torre Bianca have been trying to involve as many people as possible in the journey to discover high quality extra virgin olive oil for several years now. Marta and Camilla, both official tasters registered in the National List of Technicians and olive oil experts, accompany you on a short walk to the oil mill, during which the history of the company is told and we talk about the different varieties of olive trees that are in the farm. Once we arrive at the mill, the entire production process and the functioning of each individual machine are explained, finally we return to the shop for the tasting.

You cannot taste the oil without first having had a brief explanation on the tasting technique and the value of the panel, after which you proceed with tasting 3 samples of different oils, in order to fully understand what the characteristics are positive aspects of an EVO, but also what the possible defects are, because knowing how to recognize them is important when choosing an oil to purchase.

The tasting ends with a small food pairing to understand how an oil can enhance or change the flavor of some foods.

The visit to the oil mill and the tasting of the oil can also be combined with the tasting of our organic wines.

The visit can be customized and modulated according to different needs.